Join Our After School Art Club for Kids

Does a child in your life dream in color? Do they love to sketch at the kitchen table, or seem happiest when immersed in crafting their next creative masterpiece? Then give them the gift of creativity in the new year by enrolling them in our After School Art Club to help them grow within a supportive community of like-minded peers and passionate teachers.

Kids participating in a painting activity near Lexington, Kentucky (KY)

At Create Studio, we’re thrilled to offer stimulating kids art classes for young artists in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky!

Every weekday, starting at school dismissal, a member of our team from Create Studio will arrive at Maxwell Elementary to personally greet your child. From there, we embark on a short stroll to the vibrant and friendly hub of creativity that is Create Studio. Free from the day’s academic pressures, children aged 5-12 can relax, let their imaginations run wild, and stay until 5:30 pm, absorbing the various delights and discoveries that art has to offer.

Once at Create Studio, we dive headfirst into a rich tapestry of artistic experiences. Our engaging curriculum centers around the basic elements of art, designed to nurture artistic curiosity while introducing kids to a broad range of artistic styles. From Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture to Mixed Media, Ceramics, Textiles, and Printmaking, we’ve got it all. We even delve into the vibrant world of art history, connecting our hands-on artistic endeavors to their rich cultural relevance.

All this variety ensures our art classes for kids near Lexington, KY provide a comprehensive and immersive art experience. We believe in the importance of making connections between the art being created and the art that has existed throughout history, informing young artists about crucial influences from the past.

Besides structured art activities, we prioritize unstructured free play time allowing our young artists the freedom to design and build their own creative projects. This fosters critical problem-solving skills, encourages independent thinking, and builds resilience. Moreover, we know that outdoor play is just as important as indoor activities, so, weather permitting, we let our students have some supervise playtime at nearby Woodland Park, stretching their legs and letting nature inspire their artistic minds.

Explore Create Studio’s After School Art Club where creativity has no boundaries. Let’s pack our children with color brushes and empower them to paint the world with their unique perspectives one canvas, sculpture, or textile project at a time.

Through thoughtfully structured and carefully supervised art projects, together we can build a foundation of creativity that lasts a lifetime. Come, let your child join the adventure and watch their creative spirit flourish.

To learn more about our offerings—including our independent toy store, private events, workshops, and drop-in activities, call us at (859) 413-2992 or contact us online! We look forward to watching your child’s creativity grow!