Keep Your Kids Creating All Summer Long with Art Camp

The sun is shining, temperatures are rising, and the school bus hasn’t stopped in your neighborhood in a few days. All that can only mean one thing: Summer break is officially here! Kids love it, parents hate it, and teachers worry their hard work will go down the drain over the next three months. Avoid the summer slump and keep your kids creating by enrolling your children in a fun and engaging summer art camp at CREATE studio!

Kids making an artistic project in an art camp near Lexington, Kentucky (KY)

Summer Camp in Lexington, Kentucky

Nothing’s worse than watching your kids spend their entire summer vacation with their eyes glued to a screen. They deserve a break from a rigorous academic schedule, but many parents struggle to balance providing their kids with the freedom they want and the structure they need.

Give your kids the gift of creativity with a summer art camp at CREATE studio! Our jam-packed daily and half-day schedules will keep your young ones occupied, engaged, and excited to learn new skills. Each summer camp offers two artist-led art projects a day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon – plus free time and structured playtime. We still have a few spots left and room on our wait lists, so sign up quickly to reserve your child’s seat!

Stay Ready for School with Art Activities for Kids

Art education is integral to developing a child’s social, emotional, and academic skills—plus, creating art is fun and leads to a lifelong passion for art. Here are just a few of the ways engaging in creative activities can set your little one up for success:

Fine Motor Skills

Developing fine motor skills, the ability to use the small muscles in your fingers, and making connections in the brain to complete tiny or tedious tasks like cutting, molding, and writing, is crucial to preparing your child for an independent future. Art relies on these fine motor skills. From holding a paintbrush, using scissors, or molding clay, every day spent in art class is a day spent improving essential fine motor skills!

School-Readiness Skills

Many elementary schoolers struggle with transitioning back to the classroom each August. After three months of independence, it can be difficult for your student to return to a structured school routine. Participating in summer activities, like summer arts camp, can keep those social skills sharp and prepare your child for success on the first day of school.

Whole-Brain Development

Art education provides valuable opportunities to develop every part of your child’s brain. Tapping into creative muscles encourages your young one to approach difficult situations with patience and an open mind. Studies show that students participating in art classes can better visualize solutions to tricky math and science problems, leading to higher success.

Emotional Self-Regulation

Art is a relaxing and therapeutic activity. In a creative setting, children learn to face failure in a safe environment. By experiencing this in a supportive environment, like an art class, children will learn how to regulate their emotions as they face setbacks and make mistakes. Practicing failure is essential to developing the confidence to take risks and try new things, which are crucial life skills!


Making art is fun! With all the different classes we offer at CREATE studio, your budding artist is bound to find a project they’ll love. Some of our themes include mythical creatures, cool inventions, cardboard creations, castles and wizards, and so much more!

Develop Essential Skills and Creativity through Art Classes

Only experienced art instructors teach classes at CREATE studio, so you can trust that your child’s art education is in the best hands. Enroll in one of our summer camps in Lexington, Kentucky to watch your little one blossom with all the tools they need to grow! Visit us online for more information or stop by our studio and independent toy store at 212 Woodland Ave, Lexington KY 40502 for more fun and creative ways to entertain and educate your atistic kid this summer and all year long.