• Sydney Cox

Create a Wire Sculpture

We are going to create a wacky abstract wire sculpture on a styrofoam base! The wire is easily bendable to make crazy lines, but strong enough to poke through the foam pieces.

Here is what you will need:

  • Plastic Coated Wire

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Foam sheets

  • Styrofoam base

  • Acrylic Paint/Paintbrush (Optional)

The first step is optional- which is painting the base with acrylic paint. The paint makes the sculpture look more colorful, but you need to wait until it is dry to add the rest of the pieces.

Next, cut the foam sheets in to a bunch of random shapes.

After that, poke one of the wires through some of the foam shapes. Make sure to spread them out on the wire. If you make the foam pieces too large or add too many, it will weight the wire down.

Then poke both ends of the wire in to the styrofoam base.

The pipe cleaners are a bit stronger than the wire and can straight stand up.

If you want to make a curled wire, wrap it around a marker and slide it off.

Add a few more wires and you are done! What does you sculpture make you think of? A rollercoaster? Crazy hair? People dancing?

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