• Sydney Cox

Make a God's Eye Weaving

God's Eyes are well-known summer camp craft. Traditionally, a God’s Eye was a spiritual symbol, and the weaving process was meditative.  The points of a God’s Eye represent the four elements of nature:earth, fire, air and water, and the center of the ornament represents the eye of God, and is believed to have the power to see and understand things that the human eye cannot.  In some cultures, when a baby is born, the father of the household weaves the eye of the God’s eye, and each year, until the child’s 5th birthday, another ring of colour is added.

Here is what you will need for this craft:

  • 2 crafts sticks

  • Yarn

  • Glue or I included an adhesive dot to secure the sticks (optional)

I did not do a video for this craft because it is so well-known and so many resources already exist. Here are a links to a few tutorials.

Happy Crafting!

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