• Sydney Cox

Make an Accordion Book

Making a book is so much fun! The book we will be making is called an accordion book because it pages folded in a way that sort of look like an accordion when it is stretched out. Not only will we create a book from scratch, but then you can write a story in it or use it as a sketch book. Here is what you will need:

  • 2 pieces of book board

  • folded pages for the inside

  • 2 pieces of handmade paper

  • Mod Podge

  • foam brush

  • washi tape

First, brush the Mod Podge on to one side of the book board. Then gently press the handmade paper on to the book board. Flip the board over and brush some Mod Podge around the edge of the board. Then fold the paper over the edge and press it down. Do the same thing the other book board. Then brush Mod Podge over the entire side where the board is showing and firmly press the folded paper on to the glue. Do the same thing the to the other side. Your book is complete and now you can decorate the cover!

Watch the video to see how I made it!

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