• Sydney Cox

Tropical Sunset Painting

Summer is the time when many of us are thinking about tropical vacations and visits to the beach. If you can't actually go to the beach, you could paint it! This sunset painting with palm tree is a simple painting lesson to learn about blending colors. Here is what you will need:

  • 8" x 10" canvas panel

  • Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black acrylic paint

  • paint brush

Start out by putting a dab of yellow at the bottom, red in the middle, and blue at the top.

Then, starting with the yellow spread the paint out by making horizontal strokes. Fill the bottom third of the canvas with yellow.

Rinse your brush. Then spread the red out by making horizontal strokes. Work your way down until you meet the yellow. Paint over the top of the yellow using horizontal strokes until the colors are blended together.

Rinse your brush again and do the same with the blue. Paint the top third, working your way down until you start to paint over the top of the red. After this step, I recommend letting the painting dry or use a hairdryer to speed the drying.

After the paint dries a bit, use the black paint to make a thick stroke coming up from the bottom and smaller strokes coming out of the top. This is going to be the palm tree. On the short strokes coming out the top, make tiny strokes coming out of each one. Add another palm tree and you're done!

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